The best male crush video stores on line in 2010

A year ago, I made a post about the best male crush video stores on line. Since then, some are still here an some are gone. Here’s the 2010 selections (always on :

1 – Crushed Under Jock Feet (U.S)
The crushers are really hot (sometimes drunk, LOL) and they know how to do with crawdads and fishes !
Special mention for Paul, Jason, Jake, Shawn, J and Mark.

2 – Guys Crushing (U.S)
Footboi’s shop, still one of the most active ! Cute guys, all kind of shoes, fishes, crustaceans, snails and fruits.
He may talk too much in some videos but that’s not crippling ;-)

3 – Urban Stomping Ground (U.S) is now Chi-TownCrusher and has a new URL :
Bruiser 81′s still here, he has new crusher and shoes coming.

4 – Bad Boys of Crush (U.S)
Tim crushes everthing (roaches, crustaceans, fishes) with every kind of shoes, even his girlfriend clogs.

Nothing posted since 12 month :

Guy crushing bugs (Italy)
One of the first shop on xxxfetish-media. For the ones that don’t know Foxhard, the videos are still here.

Crush Studs (U.S)
This studio is specialized in women but it has posted some vids with guys. Scotty ones are still my favorite.
Jay were the last model. His videos are cool.

Power Stomp (U.S)
For Cowboys boot fans…


It Feets Good (France), still my shop
I’m not much productive, but given that I can’t make a lot of vids, I focus on quality…

If you know other stores, tell me !

See you in 2011 for the new selection.

~ by Nic on 8 May 2010.

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